AID Foundation Makes Largest Donation to Date, Helping 150 Students
Sections    Saturday May 30th, 2020
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AID Foundation makes largest donation to date, helping 150 students

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  • Pendergast Elementary School District

Pendergast Elementary School District Receives Sensory Motor Room From AID Foundation To Offer Comfortable Learning Environment. Photo Courtesy Of Pendergast Elementary School District

The AID Foundation made its largest donation to date in the form of a fully equipped sensory motor room.

The donation is intended to benefit students with sensory disorders at Desert Mirage Elementary School, as well as help develop the sensory skills of all pre-school age children.

AID Foundation makes largest donation to date, helping 150 students PendergastSensoryMotorRoomAIDFoundation

Pendergast Elementary School District receives sensory motor room from AID Foundation to offer comfortable learning environment. Photo courtesy of Pendergast Elementary School District

The room will benefit more than 150 students with developmental learning challenges.

Many students with Sensory Processing Disorders, autism, and other disabilities requiring sensory stimulation will benefit tremendously from a fully equipped sensory motor room.

The room provides a safe environment where the students’ sensory needs can be fulfilled and assist with their learning goals.

Pendergast Elementary School District Superintendent Dr. Lily DeBlieux thanked the AID Foundation for the donation and said that the room would be in use at all hours during the school day.

The Superintendent was with school board members and district personnel where they were surprised with the unveiling of the room and the gift.

Jennifer Rogers, spokesperson from the AID Foundation said, “This compelling story touched our board as well as the general public. Fun and Function made a very gracious donation to lower the costs to make this gift a reality. AID Foundation also received a private donation to keep the room operational for the year with a $2,000 check. I think we realized our gift will help children everyday for years to come.” wants to help others. Those with disabilities can make their requests online at To schedule interviews please email