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Study Highlights Need to Focus on Academic Preparation of Spanish-Speaking Students to Address Gaps in Advanced Coursetaking

A new study [external link] by Regional Educational Laboratory Northwest found Spanish-speaking students—the largest group of language minority students in Washington state—take fewer advanced courses and earn lower grades in those courses than other language minority students and English-only speakers, regardless of whether they are classified as English learners. Differences…

Snapshot of older consumers and student loan debt

The number of consumers age 60 and older with student loan debt has quadrupled over the last decade in the United States, and the average amount they owe has also dramatically increased. In 2015, older consumers owed an estimated $66.7 billion in student loans. Although most student loan borrowers are…

State of the states report: Broadband connectivity in America’s public schools

More than 10 million students gained access to high-speed internet at school over the past year, and the cost of bandwidth for schools continues to fall, according to a new analysis from the broadband-advocacy group EducationSuperHighway. All told, 88 percent of public school districts now meet minimum internet-connectivity targets established…