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Career and Technical Education: Building new pathways into the labor market

Career and technical education provides multiple pathways into a variety of careers for high school and post-secondary students. When it combines high-level academics with technical training, CTE helps all students become more academically competitive, including those planning to enter the workforce shortly after graduating from high schools.

Improving child-teacher interactions can reduce preschoolers’ stress levels

A school-based intervention that promotes warm and caring interactions between a teacher and child can reduce the child's stress in the classroom, a new study has found. The intervention was designed for teachers of preschool-aged children and focused on fostering close teacher-child relationships through one-on-one play. Children who participated in…

Pre-K in Texas: A critical component for academic success

A report by Children At Risk and The Meadows Foundation  shows that access to Pre-K in Texas schools positively affects 3rd grade STAAR reading scores. The study began with 47,000 students in 17 school districts. After its initial findings, researchers focused on five major urban districts: Austin, Dallas, Houston, Ft. Worth,…