Yuma Elementary district invites community to participate in Digital Citizenship Week
Sections    Saturday July 20th, 2019
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Yuma district invites community to take part in Digital Citizenship Week

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  • Luciano Munoz/Yuma Elementary School District

Yuma Elementary School District Invites Entire Yuma Community To Participate In Digital Citizenship Week. Photo Courtesy Yuma Elementary School District

Every day, students are tested with each post, search, chat, text message, file download, and profile update.

Digital Citizenship is a concept that helps teachers, community members, and parents to understand what children and all other technology users should know to use technology appropriately.

Yuma district invites community to take part in Digital Citizenship Week YumaDigitalCitizenshipInside

Yuma Elementary School District Invites Entire Yuma Community to Participate in Digital Citizenship Week. Photo courtesy Yuma Elementary School District

Digital Citizenship is more than just a teaching tool; it is a way to prepare students for a society full of technology. Digital Citizenship establishes the norms of safe, appropriate, and responsible technology use.

All elementary and middle schools in Yuma Elementary School District One will be observing Digital Citizenship Week by providing additional instruction and activities for students.

District One will explore topics such as internet safety, responsible use of digital devices, and digital literacy throughout the week.

Dr. Darwin Stiffler, District One Superintendent, said, “The schools have powerful firewalls in place. This week’s activities will help students and parents to make wise choices outside of school in leveraging their digital tools.”

Although Digital Citizenship Week provides a forum for discussing these important practices, the district is looking forward to continuing to teaching students about the educational benefits of personalized learning and assisting them in becoming successful digital citizens throughout the school year.

Families and community members are encouraged to visit the website: http://www.commonsense.org 

There the non-profit Common Sense Media has made available quality suggested activities and resources to engage students, teachers, and families in thinking critically, behaving safely, and participating responsibly online. District One schools will also be making resources available at our website: http://www.yuma.org

Today’s students will live, work, and lead in a digital world. It is important that students are prepared to thrive in a society filled with technology.

For more information, please contact Luciano Munoz,  at Yuma School District One at 928-502-4332 or  Email