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Wyoming educators to visit Vail

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  • Natalie Luna Rose/Vail Unified School District

Vail Wyoming Educator Visit 1

Former Arizona State Senator and now, Wyoming State Superintendent of Public Education Rich Crandall will visit Vail this week, January 30 and 31, with over 75 educators from Wyoming to take a look at the practices of Vail’s success.

The award-winning Vail School District is well known for its leadership, community connections, innovation, and effective use of technology. The District is consistently ranked among the very top districts in Arizona.


Wyoming educators to visit Vail VailWyomingVisitInside

A Wyoming school board member watches what 7th grade students are working on at Vail Blended Learning Center.

Vail has digitized its highly successful “instructional playbook.” The result is Beyond Textbooks, a program being used by 87 school districts and charter schools across the entire state of Arizona. 

Beyond Textbooks carefully prescribes the “what” and the “when” for each subject at each grade level — leaving teachers free to focus on the “how.”

These practices have sparked the interest of the Wyoming educators, as well as educators from across the country.

Participants will first tour Andrada Polytechnic High School, Vail’s newest high school, which requires students to choose one of three Career and Technical Education (CTE) “majors:” Bioscience, Transportation, or Health Services.  They will then learn about the Beyond Textbooks program.  Participants will then tour Vail’s Blended Learning program, Vail Academy and High School and Digital Learning program.



Wyoming educators to visit Vail WyomingVail2Inside

Several Wyoming educators speak with Matt Federoff, chief information officer, about IT issues and ideas for their respective districts.

They will also be visiting Dysart Unified School District in Maricopa County.

For more information on the Vail visit, please contact Natalie Luna Rose at (520) 879-2012 or