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Woz U Is Partnering with CredEd to Provide Teachers with Coding Education

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Woz U will be partnering with the global clearinghouse for teaching credentials, CredEd, to provide teachers with necessary education on coding. This partnership comes as the pandemic has highlighted the need for our education system to evolve, especially when it comes to technology. A recent survey shows that teachers have a strong desire for professional learning that builds comfort with technology. 

“With the move to online learning, people have been critical of the education system, and how schools, in some cases, have been slow to adapt,” said Jacob Mayhew, CEO of Woz U. “But the reality is, teachers have not been exposed to what they’re expected to teach. Through this partnership with CredEd, we aim to change that.” 

CredEd is an online platform for teachers to access professional development courses at a reasonable cost. CredEd partners with curriculum providers and other vendors to offer professional development and continuing education units (CEU) that are pathways to certifications and renewals, and portable credits that can be applied to other programs. The courses are approved by accreditors like the National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA).

“These are extraordinary times for education, so why would we use ordinary professional development methods?” said Trina Angelone, Founder and CEO of CredEd. “Our model allows teachers to get comfortable with technologies while accessing professional development they need in an affordable and efficient way. We’re proud to partner with curriculum and digital learning providers like Woz U that are willing to give back to educators. There is no better provider to help teachers learn about coding.”

The Woz U coding curriculum will focus on the basic fundamentals of coding so that any teacher can have a working knowledge of the subject.

“Technology is only going to continue growing, and we need educators to lean into that,” said Chris Coleman, President of Woz U. “In the same way that any elementary school teacher would be able to give a simple explanation on physics or gravity, we want them to be able to provide that when a fourth-grader asks about coding.  This approach will foster interest and affinity towards the skills needed in the modern economy.”