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Sections    Tuesday March 28th, 2023

Woz U & ENTITY Academy Partner to Train Women in Data Science

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Woz U is partnering with ENTITY Academy, an online education company dedicated to preparing women of all ages for the changing workforce, to enhance their technology training offerings. Woz U will provide content and curricula for ENTITY’s Data Science Virtual Academy

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the data science field is expected to grow by 16 percent by 2028, compared with an average of five percent across all occupations. Yet, women currently make up a small percentage of these jobs: just 19 percent of software developers and 21 percent of computer programmers. With this new partnership, Woz U and ENTITY are helping to ensure that women aren’t left behind in these high-paying, rapidly growing career fields.

“As a general rule, women tend to be good communicators. And data science is a blend of three things: programming, statistics, and communication,” says Meredith Dodd, Data Science Program Chair and Instructor at Woz U. “It doesn’t matter at all if you’ve done brilliant statistical models or machine learning. If you can’t communicate that to someone who can use that information, you’ll have done that work in vain, in a vacuum.”

Data Science allows for complex data to be turned into meaningful information that helps businesses and organizations implement informed solutions. With ENTITY’s 33-week Data Science Virtual Academy, women will learn the skills it takes to gain employment in this growing field, where the average starting salary is $74,000. 

“We are responding to the needs of the marketplace with this new offering. There is increased demand by the day for entry-level female employees that understand the principles of data science. Helping women land great jobs in tech is the core mission of ENTITY, and by partnering with Woz U, we believe we can help fill this void,” said ENTITY Co-Founder and CEO, Jennifer Schwab Wangers

“Artificial intelligence will be determining the outcome of our criminal justice system, our banking system, journalism, software, trends, as well as other important business decisions. We need more women in data science because women tend to take an empathetic point of view when trying to solve a problem,” explained Susan Alben, ENTITY Academy Mentor and Business Value Engineer at Microsoft. “The Alben Foundation chose to sponsor ENTITY Academy because ENTITY offers deep learning and mentorship for women. They also have working relationships with the companies that hire their graduates, and those relationships, generally, create more success in the long run.” 

ENTITY Academy offers both online programs and in-person collectives. Woz U is the leader in Education-as-a-Service technology training. The Data Science Virtual Academy can help women build a career where they can make a global impact.