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Woodard Science Students Excel During Pandemic

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  • Christine McCoy   |   Yuma School District One

Woodard Science Students Excel During Pandemic

During the pandemic, two 6th grade Woodard Science students excelled, using their time to create stellar science fair projects. Woodard Jr. High School students Ethan Grew and Leilani Beltran also advanced to compete in the state science fair. Both won awards for their projects at the Arizona Science and Engineering Fair (ASEF) in Phoenix.

Woodard 6th grade science teacher, Vicki Peterson, said, “I am passionate about science, and getting students interested in science.” As a result, Mrs. Peterson formed a Science Club for students to meet virtually 1 day each week before school. This voluntary club provided additional instructional support, as well as assistance with science fair projects. Both Ethan and Leilani continued to attend these meetings and work on their projects on their own time throughout the fall and winter months, preparing for the Yuma County Science Fair in February 2021.

Ethan’s environmental science project, Soil Solution, asked the question, how does the type of soil affect the amount that is eroded by rain? Leilani’s plant science project, Soil Power, investigated how different materials added to soil affect the height of radish plants. Both students demonstrated six months of hard work and dedication as they applied the scientific method to their experiments. Which resulted in two thoroughly researched and documented experiments, winning 3rd place in the Arizona Science and Engineering Fair.

Woodard Jr. High School Principal, Daniel Acosta, expressed his immense pride in Ethan, Leilani, and Mrs. Peterson. Their achievement is, “an example of what kind of great things can be achieved when Amazing Students and an Amazing Teacher work together!”