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Williams Field senior finalist for PCA Triple-Impact Competitor scholarship

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  • Michelle Reese/Higley Unified School District

Mitch Shreeve, A Senior At Williams Field High School And A Club Lacrosse Player, Is A Finalist For The Positive Coaching Alliance’s Triple Impact Competitor Scholarship. Photo Courtesy Higley Unified School District

Williams Field High School’s Mitch Shreeve started playing club lacrosse in fourth grade. It’s a sport, he said, he found more challenging than others.

“I tried every sport. I liked lacrosse best because it was a mix of everything,” he said, adding that it requires a great deal of skill to be successful.

Williams Field senior finalist for PCA Triple-Impact Competitor scholarship MitchShreeveInside

Mitch Shreeve, a senior at Williams Field High School and a club lacrosse player, is a finalist for the Positive Coaching Alliance’s Triple Impact Competitor Scholarship. Photo courtesy Higley Unified School District

Now a senior, Shreeve is a veteran player on the Gilbert Tiger Varsity Lacrosse team, one that’s produced players for Arizona State University, BYU, Adam State University and more. The season kicks off in late September and lasts through the spring.

“I’ve played with the kids on my varsity team since fourth grade. We have a lot of fun, even in games,” he said.

Shreeve hopes he can pass that fun and skills to future players. When not on the field practicing for his own team, he’s out coaching sixth-grade and under players, offering them advice and techniques to play the tough, physical sport.

That dedication and desire to make himself, his team and the game better have earned Shreeve a spot as a finalist for the Positive Coaching Alliance Phoenix Chapter’s Triple Impact Competitor Scholarship. Shreeve will earn later this fall if he’s selected.

“I was surprised,” he said. “It was the first scholarship I’ve applied for.”

It certainly won’t be the last. Shreeve is exploring his post-high school options to study either science or in the medical field.

He’s as comfortable in a white lab coat in the bioscience class at Williams Field as he is on the lacrosse field, he said. He’s finishing his second year of the program and will graduate as a certified bio-technician. Class work includes DNA studies, biology and more.

“Last week we did an experiment where we examined DNA from different people and one of them was a criminal. We had to do the process like the police do for DNA testing and figure out who was the criminal,” he said.

Shreeve hopes to attend the University of Utah, where he can put his skills to work in the labs.

“I love science. It’s always been my big thing,” he said. “They discovered that a spider’s silk that is stronger than steel.”

He’s also a member of the Williams Field Academic Decathlon team that competed at state for the first time last year.