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Sections    Thursday March 30th, 2023

West-MEC launches new ‘Generation Orange’ podcast

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  • Eric Newman   |   Western Maricopa Education Center

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The Western Maricopa Education Center communications team is proud to announce its new district-centric podcast, ‘Generation Orange.’

West-MEC is a public career technical education district in the north and west regions of Maricopa County. The aim of the podcast, which published its first episode on March 12, will be to inform those interested in career and technical education about the interesting and inspiring people in and around the district. The aim of the podcast is to increase awareness of the benefits of career and technical education while celebrating the stories and successes of our West-MEC Community.

Generation Orange will feature regular interviews with staff, industry partners, alumni and more, giving listeners a variety of choices and interesting people to hear from.

In episode one, West-MEC Communications Specialist Eric Newman sat down with Superintendent Greg Donovan to speak about his career and vision for the district.

Those interested in listening to Generation Orange can visit the West-MEC Soundcloud page at https://soundcloud.com/user-9194064, where West-MEC will host all of its podcast audio moving forward.