Sections    Saturday March 23rd, 2019
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Weekly podcast: Students head to Washington D.C. for competition, narrowing the achievement gap for preschoolers, a gun is discharges in a U.S. school abut once a week

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  • David Marino Jr./AZEdNews

Snowflake Junior High School Students Prepare To Leave For The Finals Of The Samsung Solve For Tomorrow Pitch Event In Washington, D.C. , Next Week. Photo Courtesy Of Snowflake Junior High School

AZEdNews’ David Marino Jr. reviews this week’s top news stories.

Hear about how students from Snowflake Junior High School will be making a trip to Washington, D.C. later this month as finalists in the Samsung Solve to Tomorrow Pitch Event.

Find out what the City of Tempe is doing to narrow the achievement gap between high- and low-income preschoolers and get them ready to meet kindergarten benchmarks.

A report from a non-profit that advocates for gun control says there have been 220 shootings in American schools since the beginning of 2013.