Sections    Sunday February 17th, 2019
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Weekly podcast: Budget constraints jeopardize school resource officer, hearing turns into education funding debate

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  • David Marino Jr./AZEdNews

Prescott High School, Photo Courtesy Prescott Unified School District. Prescott Police Officer Bill Wolfe, Photo Courtesy Prescott Police Department.

AZEdNews’ David Marino Jr. reviews this week’s top news stories.

Hear about why a longtime school resource officer program at Prescott High School may be in jeopardy for the 2017-18 school year due to budget constraints for both the Prescott Police Department and the school district.

Learn more about how the U.S.  Senate hearing for Betsy DeVos, a billionaire who did not attend public schools or send her children to them, became a debate over how to spend public money on education.