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Sections    Thursday March 30th, 2023

Video: #RedForEd Rally from a high school student’s perspective

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  • Mary Irish/ Arizona Education News Service

A Student Talks About Why She's At The #RedForEd Rally At The Capitol On Thursday, April 28. Photo By Mary Irish/AZEdNews

Mary Irish, a student at Centennial High School in Peoria, covered the #RedForEd rallies from a student’s perspective on Thursday and Friday in Phoenix, asking teachers and students what brought them to the rally.

The first day of the teachers’ walk-out showed Arizona the sheer force of united teachers.

During that walkout, I was able to grab some information from teachers and students alike.

Teachers said they were fed up with the lack of funding and worried about giving students a proper education. Teachers also said they were concerned about still being able to afford to live on their own.

Some students said they have realized that they have been tricked out of getting a proper, well-funded, updated education, and they are rightfully upset.

Both teachers and students talked about what they need, and what they have right now in the classroom.

These are their thoughts.

#RedForEd Rally Video by Mary Irish/ AZEdNews