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Video: Innovative learning spaces at Canyon View High School

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  • Brooke Razo and Alex Zapata/ AZEdNews

ILETC Participants In One Of Canyon View High School's Forts, Or Large Flexible Learning Areas. Photo By Lisa Irish/AZEdNews

One of Arizona’s newest public district schools is drawing international attention for an innovative structural and interior design created to improve student achievement by fostering engagement, collaboration and creativity.

“We looked at the activities that we know define what good teaching and learning are, and then we tried to reflect that in developing learning spaces to facilitate that,” said Phil Nowlin, Canyon View principal.

The school opened to students for the first time on Aug. 6, 2018.

Video by Brooke Razo/AZEdNews, edited by Alex Zapata/AZEdNews: Innovative learning spaces at Canyon View High School