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Sections    Friday February 3rd, 2023
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Video: Gov. Doug Ducey’s Teacher Pay Raise Proposal

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  • Brooke Razo/ Arizona School Boards Association

Gov. Doug Ducey Proposes Raising Teacher Pay By 9 Percent Next School Year During A Press Conference Thursday Afternoon. Photo By Brooke Razo/Arizona School Boards Association

Governor Doug Ducey announced a proposal to raise teacher salaries this year and build on that each year until teacher pay is 20 percent more by school year 2020 during a press conference Thursday afternoon at the Capitol.

That’s much more than the 1.06 percent raise proposed in the governor’s budget in early January. That 1.06 percent increase totaled about $34 million and would have been the second part of the two percent raise proposed in the previous year’s budget.

“Our teachers are what makes the difference in the classroom,” said Steve Watson, Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools after the conference. “We need the best teachers in there and this is how we’re going to get them and keep them.”

Video by Brooke Razo/Arizona School Boards Association: Gov. Ducey’s Teacher Pay Raise Proposal