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Video: Glendale Elementary’s Teacher of the Year loves making a difference in students’ lives

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  • Jim Cummings/Glendale Elementary School District

Glendale Elementary School District's Teacher Of The Year Sarah Rittenhouse Said She Became A Teacher After Avoiding It For Many Years, But After Seeing The Impact Her Mother Who Was A Teacher Had On Her Students, Rittenhouse Said She Thought "Maybe I Can Change A Few Lives." Photo Courtesy Glendale Elementary School District

Glendale Elementary School District‘s Teacher of the Year Sarah Rittenhouse said she became a teacher after avoiding it for many years, but after seeing the impact her mother who was a teacher had on her students, Rittenhouse said she thought “Maybe I can change a few lives.”

Video: Glendale Elementary School District’s Teacher of the Year 2017 Sarah Rittenhouse