Vail Digital Learning hosts open house Thursday
Sections    Tuesday August 11th, 2020
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Vail Digital Learning hosts open house Thursday

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  • Natalie Luna Rose/Vail Unified School District

Vail School District’s program, Vail Digital Learning, is hosting an open house for interested students and parents this week. 

The open house will be held on March 20, staring at 6:00 p.m. at Vail Academy and High School, 7762 E. Science Park Drive (located at the U of A Tech Park).

The Vail Digital Learning Program provides personalized full-time, part-time and hybrid learning opportunities, all with the “Vail Standard” of rigorous academics.  Digital learning students are not in a physical classroom; rather they complete classes using an online-based learning program.

Students submit course work and communicate with teachers online. It also offers an open lab for online students, credit recovery, and an alternative to suspension program.

The VDLP provides important connections through local, in-person assistance and participation in athletics, extracurricular activities and graduation. 

Several other districts across Arizona contract with Vail’s program for online learning services.

Students from across the Tucson and Vail area are welcome.

For more information, please call 520-879-3958 or visit