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Sections    Saturday July 11th, 2020
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Two Phoenix Union Teams Combine to Win Robotics Championship

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  • Craig Pletenik/Phoenix Union High School District

Two Phoenix Union teams combined to win the Steve Sanghi Foundation Arizona State FIRST (for Inspiration and recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Championship October 21 at ASU’s Wells Fargo Arena. The Dragon Robotics from Bioscience joined forces with the Falcon Robotics from Carl Hayden and a community team from Microchip to form the winning alliance.

Two Phoenix Union Teams Combine to Win Robotics Championship Screen-Shot-2017-10-30-at-11.11.29-PM-300x168

Two Phoenix Union Teams Combine to Win Robotics Championship. Photo courtesy Phoenix Union High School District.

Bioscience was the last-ranked team invited to the 30-team field, barely passed inspection, but went 7-1 in qualification matches, placing third overall to become the third-seeded alliance captain.

The Dragons selected Carl Hayden and Team Caution to enter the four-alliance playoffs. They beat the second-seeded alliance in the semifinals, and the fourth-seeded alliance in the finals, winning both matches, two games to none. Overall Bioscience went 11-1 and had the highest Offensive Power Rating at the competition. Hayden, a state champion last year as well, posted a 10-2 record.

The event featured the same game as last year’s FIRST season, and serves as a warm-up to this year’s season which kicks off in January. It’s also a way for rookie team members to see and experience a robotics competition before the actual season starts. Sanghi, Microchip’s CEO, has been a great supporter of FIRST Robotics, since being introduced to it by the Carl Hayden Robotics team.

The Dragon Robotics 2375 drive team was powered by seniors Edmund Dong, Edwin Lozano, César Parra and junior Laura Lozano as well as drive coach Jonah Lerner, a Dragon Robotics and Bioscience High School alumnus now at ASU Poly studying engineering.

The Falcons 20-student team was led by driver Uriel Rodriguez and co-pilot Bryan Gracia. Former team member Eduardo Fernandez and Steve Forbs, a mentor for the team, saved the day by diagnosing and repairing their malfunctioning robot just in time during the semifinals.

A video of one of the matches is at the following link: