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Trevor Browne Gates Scholar plans to study science

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  • Craig Pletenik/Phoenix Union High School District

Naila Littell is the sixth Gates Millennium Scholar from Trevor Browne since 2007.  She hopes to finish off high school in the top one percent of a senior class of over 600 students.

She has played basketball and softball for the Bruins, and involved in student government, and other clubs.

She helped lead her Academic Decathlon team to the State Decathlon, where she won   a bronze medal at state in Interview.

One of her goals is to become fluent in Spanish, but her main focus this year was in Advanced Placement Biology.  She wants to earn degrees in neurology and psychology in her quest to go to medical school and become a surgeon.  She was accepted to Williams College and Smith College, but she will be attending ASU next fall.

The Gates Millennium Scholarship is unique in that it can be used for undergraduate and graduate degrees, room and board, fees and books, but because it supplements other funding sources, it is difficult to put a value on it.  

The Gates Foundation estimates that it is worth an average of $250,000 per student during his/her post-secondary career.   One-thousand students were selected from 52,000 applicants, nationwide.