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Treasures 4 Teachers gives to Esperanza teachers

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  • Emily Broome/Isaac Elementary School District

Treasures 4 Teachers an affiliate of the Kids in Need Foundation is visiting Isaac Elementary School District’s Esperanza Elementary School in Phoenix on Jan. 24 during a 2:30 p.m. assembly to give 45 teachers school supplies.

Each teacher created a wish list and Treasures 4 Teachers is providing the top 12 items on their lists. Some of the things teachers requested are binders, pens, pencils but some items were more unique.

Isaac along with Treasures 4 Teachers wants to honor our teachers for the hard work and dedication they show to our students each and everyday.

For more information about Isaac Elementary school district, please go to

Media interested in covering the event should contact Emily Broome, communication specialist with the Isaac Elementary School District at or 602-455-6771.

Treasures 4 Teachers was recently selected to become an affiliate of the Kids in Need Foundation. The Kids In Need Foundation is a national 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded in 1995.

The Foundation’s mission is to prepare children to learn and succeed by providing free school supplies to students most in need. The Kids In Need Foundation has distributed more than $500 million in school supplies since its founding, directly benefiting more than 2.4 million students and 100,000 teachers annually, and has awarded $1.5 million in grants to teachers.

“By becoming a National Affiliate of the Kids in Need Foundation it will enable us to impact a much larger number of teachers and students in Arizona,” said Barbara Blalock, Executive Director and Founder of Treasures 4 Teachers.

Because of this partnership, Treasures 4 Teachers is starting a mobile program called “T4T on Wheels.” They will deliver free school supplies to teachers in Title 1 schools where 70% of their students are in the free and reduced lunch program.

On a national average, teachers spend up to $1000 each year out of their own pockets on schools supplies for their students.  This program will help ease that expense for teachers and give the students the tools they need to succeed.

The Kids in Need Foundation provides donations of free school supplies to Resource Centers across the country from national donors like Target, OfficeMax, Dixon Ticonderoga and Staples, just to name a few.

These donors along with the donors currently supporting Treasures 4 Teachers such as US Airways, Intel, IKEA, and the Mayo Clinic are all committed to the success and education of students.

“We are so excited about this great affiliation and how it is going to impact the teachers and students in our community,” Blalock said.

To learn more about Treasures 4 Teachers visit the website at