The StemAZing Project is open for applications!
Sections    Saturday May 30th, 2020
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The StemAZing Project is open for applications

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  • Office of the Pima County Superintendent


Submit an application for your classroom to participate in the first annual Arizona Coyotes STEM Summit where your classroom will compete in the Design the Arena of the Future contest!

Classrooms throughout Arizona will have the opportunity to come and learn hands-on STEM lessons. Through an application process 30 classrooms will be selected to participate at this one day event.

The StemAZing Project is open for applications StemAZingSummit1000

• Each group will explore the STEM dynamics of the Gila River Arena with a behind the scenes tour.

• Each group will have time to imagine and layout an entry for the Design the Arena of the Future contest.

• Each classroom educator will participate in a 2 hour professional development training the day of the event.

• Each group will enjoy an Arizona Coyotes game on the day of the event.

The Schedule

11:00 am: Check-in Starts

11:30 am – 5:30 pm: Arizona Coyotes STEM Summit

6:00 pm: Gates Open

7:00 pm: Arizona Coyotes Game

The Tour

Explore all aspects of the arena that make for a great hockey game! Groups will learn how STEM ties into the arena during the tour and will speak with staff at various stops.

The Professional Development Workshop

The StemAZing Project is open for applications Screen-Shot-2016-08-08-at-10.28.51-AMOne of the purposes of the Arizona Coyotes STEM Summit is to stimulate student thinking about innovative, creative ideas for STEM through the ExploraVision competition.

This professional development provided to the classroom educators during the Arizona Coyotes STEM Summit will focus on strategies used to engage students in invention and innovation, how to incorporate ExploraVision into your classroom, and how to enter the FREE ExploraVision STEM competition.

The Speaker Panel

Hear industry stories and lessons learned from the staff of the Arizona Coyotes and various STEM professionals. Groups will engage in a Q&A session with panel speakers.

The Arena of the Future Contest

As a class, students will imagine and design the components that will build an Arena of the Future. Students will take from their experiences throughout the day to come up with innovative ideas that will enhance the visitor and game experience.

Registration Cost

$18 per person includes ticket to that evening’s game at 7 pm

For more information and to apply click here. 

Application process closes on August 19.