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Sections    Wednesday March 29th, 2023

The Best of AZEdNews Winter 2018

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  • Brooke Razo/ Arizona School Boards Association

The Best Of AZEdNews Winter 2018 Graphic

Take a look at The Best of AZEdNews Winter 2018.

Read about how districts used most of their Prop. 123 money to pay their teachers more and to hire more teachers.

Hear about the governor’s budget proposal.

Learn 10 ways Arizona legislators could invest $1 billion in public education during this session.

And find out how the funding gap for special education is impacting students in the classroom.

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Featured stories in The Best of AZEdNews Winter 2018 include:

Also included in The Best of AZAEdNews Winter 2018 are a roundup of recent infographics, videos and podcasts as well as more original articles.