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Tech education made accessible at Promineo Tech

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  • Nick Suwyn   |   Promineo Tech

At Promineo Tech, Getting Students Ready For Immediate Employment Is The Driving Force. And Given Their 80 Percent Placement Rate With High Starting Salaries In Software Development Roles, The Certification Program Is Showing Success. Photo Courtesy Promineo Tech

At Promineo Tech, getting students ready for immediate employment is the driving force.

And given their 80 percent placement rate with high starting salaries in software development roles, the certification program is showing success.

The endeavor launched in 2018 with a focus on making technology education affordable, accessible, and low risk for everyone so that anyone has the opportunity to improve their lives through learning.

Courses currently focus on software development, but will soon include data science and engineering, as well as cyber security.

Demand for software developers and other technology specialists far exceeds supply. To help fill that gap, Promineo Tech engages with young adults who are looking to start a career in tech. The 18-week program is designed to be accessible, even to those who need to continue working.

Students start the week in their online portal. After watching the curriculum, students begin assignments. Later in the week, classes meet in-person with their instructor.

Small cohorts allow educators to tailor instruction to each student’s needs. The week also includes a meeting with a mentor, who can answer questions and help troubleshoot any issues.

Beyond the technological instruction, students also gain career skills such as interviewing and dressing for success.

What makes the program most unique is the payment structure. Students pay 10 percent of the tuition upfront. But they don’t owe any additional money until they get a job in the industry. If they don’t profit, the school doesn’t profit.

To help make the program even more accessible, Promineo Tech has also created a perpetual scholarship. They’re teaching people the skills needed to enter, and be successful, in the software development industry. Students are also armed with skills needed to remain relevant in a rapidly advancing technical industry.

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