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Sections    Monday April 6th, 2020
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Teachers win technology grants: Students will benefit

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  • Bo Larsen/Buckeye Elementary School District

Marionneaux Elementary School Principal, Nick Forgette, Congratulates Awardee Ken Vallier At The Site Of The New School. Photo Courtesy Buckeye Elementary School District

Buckeye Elementary School District sixth-grade teacher Ken Vallier knows that writing a grant can pay off.

Vallier, currently a teacher at Jasinski School in the Buckeye Elementary School District wrote his first grant called the CIT Grant – Classroom Improvement Technology Grant, offered by Turning Technologies, a company that specializes in classroom technology and software.

Vallier was notified in early April that he had been selected as a grant winner.  According to Vallier, “I was excited to hear that my grant was awarded for this outstanding technology. This was first grant I’ve applied for. It was encouraging to know that my efforts paid off. I know these applications will really make a difference in the classroom.”

Additionally, future Marionneaux Elementary School teacher Tabitha Hegenbart wrote and received a grant including toy kits and lesson plans from Hess Toy Trucks.  The project will be for the 7th grade and will include a research, writing and science component and implement their research findings. Students can make calipers to measure their cars and then record the data. Marionneaux is opening August 2017.

BESD Superintendent, Dr. Kristi Sandvik shared, “We’re so proud of Ken and Tabitha and their focus on what will benefit students. Ken and Tabitha will be teaching at Marionneaux, BESD’s newest school in the fall and they are so excited to use the new technology in their classrooms. We are grateful to Turning Technologies and Hess Trucks for their support and to our amazing teachers for going the extra mile with their determination and writing skills.”

The CIT Grant provided 10 grants nationwide for a total of $33,000 giveaway, or $3,300 worth of technology and software per grant.  The company received over 100 applications from 26 states.  The proposal included how the technology would be used, measure the effectiveness of the technology in the classroom, as well as what academic areas it would address.

There were a total of five pieces to the grant – two hardware and three software.  The two hardware pieces were a classroom set (32) of their newest clickers with a full QWERTY keypad that allow students to enter their answers, and a presenter card, of which when plugged into the computer allows the user to walk anywhere in the room and still manage their computer.  The three software pieces included polling software and two of the most recent ExamView question banks – one of which is online and will allow the District to have a 4 year license to give assessments through the internet.