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Sections    Friday February 3rd, 2023
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Teacher to provide World Language immersion texts for students with AZEdNews Classroom Grant sponsored by Davidson/Belluso

Missy Widener

Missy Widener, who teaches World Languages and English for second language learners at Gililland Middle School in Tempe Elementary School District, will use the AZEdNews Classroom Grant sponsored by Davidson/Belluso for her World Language Immersion Texts initiative.

“Scholastic Scope Magazine subscriptions will provide my students with enrichment opportunities to engage in relevant literature connected to the world around then, explore world languages through engaging and meaningful text and make connections with other students across the globe,” Widener said.

Gililland students can take World Languages – German, French and Spanish – in sixth through eighth grade, and the subscriptions and Junior Scholastic help them learn more about the news and history in the countries of their chosen language’s origin through activities and online support each month, Widener said.

The AZEdNews Classroom Grant helps teachers like Widener, through the generosity of sponsors like Davidson/Belluso

Davidson/Belluso is a full-service advertising agency based in Phoenix that is dedicated to supporting teachers and schools in Arizona and is long-time partner of Arizona School Boards Association and AZEdNews.

“We recognize that the work done by schools and teachers like yourself have a huge impact on our communities and is vital to that success,” said Rob Davidson, president and CEO of Davidson/Belluso.

Since it was founded 20 years ago, Davidson/Belluso has been focused on helping purpose-driven organizations achieve their marketing goals while contributing to the community.  They work with all levels of educational institutions, as well as other private and public sector organizations.

Educational communication and marketing are primary areas of expertise for Davidson/Belluso, which has helped public educational entities from K-12 and higher education in their marketing efforts by communicating with their audiences, increasing enrollment, and maximizing resources.

Davidson/Belluso “works with brands to improve our communities at large and obviously that includes education, and we’re excited to be part of these grants,” Davidson said to Widener then asked about her initiative.

“I’m really interested in providing my students with more opportunities to immerse themselves in the language they’re learning,” Widener said.

AZEdNews video: AZEdNews Classroom Grant Winner Missy Widener and Rob Davidson of Davidson/Belluso

“We use Rosetta Stone for our foundational course, but it just gives students that one opportunity to interact with technology versus what I would like to offer them are these texts through Scholastic Magazine that they can start reading the language” and “so they can really immerse themselves and start interacting with the language on different levels,” Widener said.

“This will also give them opportunities to interact with texts online with other students around the world. They’ll also have access to resources online, and it’s also the gift that keeps giving because every month you get a new subscription and a new magazine,” Widener said.

“I’m just really excited about this opportunity, because I think my students will grow in their learning of a new language and retain that knowledge,” Widener said, noting that the texts are geared towards middle school students.

“Engaging students with relevant articles and connecting them with ideas and other students around the world , makes learning more effective and meaningful,” Widener said. “Students are able to make choices in their learning and find what interests them.”

Access to these World Languages tests will help students gather information and share it through projects as well as help them use their new language skills in articles created for students, Widener said.

“Having students connect with the world and make meaningful connections through literature and activities that are engaging and relevant to students is essential in creating intrinsic motivation within our students,” Widener said.

“Our district consistently strives to provide opportunities for our students to learn in a variety of ways,” Widener said, noting that access to these World Language texts will do just that.

“Giving those opportunities to my students is such a gift and I’m so grateful,” Widener said.

“Congratulations to you and your school,” Davidson said.

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