Symbaloo Empowers Teachers with Open Lesson Plan Platform for Personalized Learning
Sections    Wednesday July 17th, 2019
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Symbaloo empowers teachers with open lesson plan platform

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Symbaloo, a resource management platform that helps educators and students curate and organize the best of the web into custom online lessons, today announced the official launch of their Lesson Plan creator, a platform designed to integrate learn and play and allow users to create engaging and custom educational material.  The Lesson Plan creator is available at


The company has been recognized as one of the largest resource management platforms in the world with over 10 million monthly unique users already learning on the platform. Combining an easy-to-use and fun tile platform for students with a custom lesson development system for educators, Symbaloo is empowering teachers to blend web and traditional resources into personalized lesson plans.

Symbaloo empowers teachers with open lesson plan platform symbaloo-300x141The platform was built in close cooperation with teachers and administrators in the K-12 sphere. Symbaloo Lesson Plans can be used to create engaging gaming-style virtual lessons featuring the best educational resources on the web. Every step, or tile, can represent a resource, assignment, or test leading to the finish line. The embedded digital content in the lesson plan creator can integrate any type of content, such as a YouTube video or newspaper article.


By answering a set of guiding questions, the system allows educators to design the optimal way students can proceed through different educational topics, ensuring that students will get all the knowledge they need. Built-in analytics tools gather insightful data and improve learning outcomes while students enjoy an engaging and fun learning environment. For years, educators have talked about the need for Personalized Learning. By blending digital content with a smarter user interface, Symbaloo brings free and fun digital learning to K-12.


Symbaloo Lesson Plans Are Free


Just like, the Lesson Plan creator is free to use. Symbaloo plans to offer premium versions in the future, featuring greater analytics as well as localized district/state versions based on specialized regional curriculum and needs.

Save Time by Using Our Lesson Plan Marketplace


During the testing for the beta version of Symbaloo Lesson Plans, teachers have created thousands of lesson plans that are shared on the Lesson Plan Marketplace. Save time by using shared lesson plans available for any topic, standard, or grade level.

Gaming-Style Pathways


The easy to follow tile structure from Symbaloo is executed in a gaming-style design to give the students a fun way of tracking their progress achievements in the lesson plan. Teachers can track student progress through the built-in analytics.

Tailored Content for Every Student’s Educational Needs


In the long run, the accumulated analytics will give insight into the learning abilities of every student, so that teachers can tailor lesson plans to each student’s educational needs. Currently, teachers can create differentiated paths according to the learning styles of the individual students, and can easily blend most digital content into lessons using a platform akin to building a music playlist.


Watch the introductory video on Symbaloo Lesson Plans at


About Symbaloo


Symbaloo is a resource management tool that helps educators and students curate and organize the best of the web into individualized instruction. With Symbaloo educators can save their teaching resources in the cloud and access them from any device. Learn more at