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Superintendents from around the country gather at Buckeye Elementary School district

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The Buckeye Elementary School District Hosted Visiting Superintendents From Around The Country At Its Newest School, John S. McCain III Elementary On March 28, 2022. (Photo Courtesy Of AASA)

The Buckeye Elementary School district hosted visiting superintendents from around the country at its newest school, John S. McCain III Elementary on March 28, 2022. The group’s purpose was to learn more about how the school is exemplifying AASA’s Learning 2025 efforts to ensure student-centered and future focused learning experiences for all of its students.

(For more information on Learning 2025, see the quoted press release from AASA, The School Superintendents Association, below)

The visitors – traveling from as far away as Alaska and New York – were treated to a host of embedded activities throughout the entire day that included interviewing the teacher leadership cadre, site and district administration, and even students. In an interactive session, the over 70 participants were able to engage with JSM staff and students through direct questioning, and they even toured the entire school while learning was organically taking place. Students demonstrated what innovative learning experiences look like by doing what they do everyday at the school, in spite of their special guests. Students proudly demonstrated much of the curriculum, including coding, robotics programming, and project based, personalized learning, as well as fundamental instruction in core subjects such as literacy and mathematics. “We were so pleased and proud to host these superintendents here at John S. McCain III Elementary today. So many of them shared with me just how impressed they were with our learners and the staff, and that they are eager to take what they learned here back to their own schools and districts,’ said Dr. Kristi Wilson, the Buckeye Elementary School District’s Superintendent.

AASA Leadership Network Cohorts Visit John S. McCain Elem. School in Arizona

Superintendents and other school system leaders representing the AASA Redefining Ready! Cohort and the Transformational Leadership Consortium visited John S. McCain III Elementary School in Buckeye, Ariz. during their Spring 2022 meeting. This short video captures highlights from the daylong visit to the school. For more information, visit (Video courtesy of AASA)