Superintendent's Eighth Grade Council's College Bound Program
Sections    Tuesday March 9th, 2021
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Superintendent’s eighth grade council’s college bound program

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  • Pendergast Elementary School District

Photo Courtesy Of Pendergast School District

Twenty-one eighth grade students from the Pendergast School District are headed for college. As part of the Superintendent’s Eighth Grade Council, the students have been working all year towards a trip to Stanford University as part of the College Bound program.

Dr. Lily Matos DeBlieux, Pendergast District Superintendent formed the first Superintendent’s Eighth Grade Student Council to actualize a student leadership and mentoring model during the 2015-16 school year. The purpose of the Eighth Grade Superintendent’s Student Council (SCC) is to build a strong connection to the schools and the Pendergast School District.

Superintendent's eighth grade council's college bound program stanford

Photo courtesy of Pendergast School District

The SSC strives to be influential leaders in the school and play an integral role in spreading positive messages about PESD throughout the community. This is achieved by building relationships with community partners. The goals of the group are to prepare for the future and learn more about opportunities available beyond high school. The group also collaborates to create leadership, presentation, and teamwork skills.

Students have set their sights on not only attending college, but also working to receive scholarships and learn as much as they can to prepare them for post-secondary experiences.

During the trip to Stanford University, the scholars will tour the campus, learn about college life and receive advice on how to be successful in high school.

They have spent the year fundraising for the trip through Peter Piper Pizza and Island Burgers Family Nights, a Big Brothers Big Sisters Clothing Drive and Tax Credit Donations.

Additionally, generous sponsors have contributed to the trip showing students the importance of looking ahead to a college education. Thanks to The Pendergast Education Foundation, Imagine Learning, Alejandro Perilla, The California Latino Superintendents’ Association and Pueblo Mechanical.

Dr. DeBlieux shares, “As part of the Pendergast “bee-liever” culture and philosophy, we know that growing leaders is for not only staff, parents and community; it is also for students. We are investing in their successful futures. They have worked diligently all year with fundraising, community service and being role models in their schools and communities. We are so very proud of them and celebrate their success.”