Superintendent-Elect Diane Douglas supports restoring school funding
Sections    Thursday May 6th, 2021
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Superintendent-Elect Diane Douglas supports restoring school funding

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  • Sally Stewart/ Arizona Department of Education

Diane Douglas. Photo Courtesy Eight Arizona PBS

“Funding is not the only factor in the success of education, but it is clear that Arizona schools are suffering due to years of frugal budgets and cutbacks,” stated Superintendent of Public Instruction-Elect Diane Douglas today.  “The Courts have ruled that Arizona schools were deprived of increases guaranteed to them by a vote of the people.”

Aware the state faces a very large budget deficit this year, she added, “I know that funding is difficult at any time, especially when facing ongoing deficits.  I have complete faith in the Executive Branch and the State Legislature to prioritize funding and put education first in their considerations.  I will do everything in my power to assist them through this difficult process while advocating for the funding so desperately needed in our classrooms.”

Superintendent-Elect Diane Douglas supports restoring school funding DianeDouglasHP

Diane Douglas. Photo courtesy Eight Arizona PBS

Other important factors in this year’s education budget will be completing and supporting the operation of the computerization of records so that the Legislature, teachers and parents have accurate information on funding, student performance, and the tools they need to focus on improved educational instruction, she said.

“Having an open process for Arizonans to provide annual continual improvement of standards and removing Common Core one size-fits all control, coupled with adequate funding and completing projects in process are critical pieces needed so that our tests scores continue to improve, and more importantly, that Arizona children outperform their peers nationally and worldwide,” Douglas concluded.

This continues the commitment of the current Superintendent John Huppenthal who spoke extensively in August of this year that now is the time to increase education funding which is greatly needed.