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Summer SIP Showcase: UAT students present industry innovations

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  • Lisha Dunlap   |   University of Advancing Technology

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The Summer 2020 Student Innovation Project (SIP) Showcase was held on Tuesday August 18, 2020, via Zoom. Led by Art Direction Professor Dapzury Valenzuela, 33 UAT students presented their SIP’s as faculty and staff attended virtually.

UAT SIPs are similar to a state school’s master’s thesis, but these student ventures also become the leading projects in their portfolios when they graduate and enter the workforce.

“Graduating students in programs that range from Virtual Reality and Network Security to Robotics and Game Design showcased their innovative projects,” said Valenzuela, “and the UAT Student Innovation Project Showcase continued its tradition of pushing the boundaries of technology.”

“I’m so proud of the hard work and perseverance of our students and the creative prototypes that exemplify our mission to innovate. They reached a long-term goal, produced an outcome, and gained skills they can directly apply towards the industry they aspire to work in,” Valenzuela said.

“As we continue to grow through these unprecedented times, it becomes more apparent that technology will continue to impact our lives and our SIP Showcase is a great platform for UAT students to share their ideas for the future,” Valenzuela said.

“Projects include a mobile app that allows users to locate roommates safely, a new approach to startup fundraising that fosters empathy, a smart house project, an AI art asset assistant, an AR puzzle mobile game, a game simulator that helps to train managers on human interaction, a game mechanic that promotes teamwork within MMO games, a web browser plug-in that automatically scans for malicious malware, an air quality monitor, and a biometric wheel for safer vehicle usage, as well as a dynamic UI that changes in real-time in accordance to a player’s mental state, just to name a few,” added Professor Valenzuela.

The following are the video presentations from the SIP fair:

Addison Buettner, Game Design

YouTube Link: Bunkie

Stefani Johnson, Business Technology/Web Design

YouTube Link: UAT Marketing Summit Process Improvement

Kavione Hart, Business Technology/Digital Video

YouTube Link: The Laronda Hart Foundation

Christopher Picozzi, Business Technology

YouTube Link: Smarter Smiths

Bailey Nielsen, Business Technology/Web Design

YouTube Link: CADworX

Diamondnique Crawford, Advancing Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence

YouTube Link: Deep Dive

Joey Selamat, Advancing Computer Science

YouTube Link: Project C: Command & Control

Wyatt Dooley, Advancing Computer Science

YouTube Link: SumarizeApp

Ke’Ondrae Mell, Robotics & Embedded Systems

YouTube Link: the Redefined SmartHouse Project

Kaulana Lee, Virtual Reality/Game Design

YouTube Link: Escape Room AR

Jacquelynne Heiman, Game Design/Game Programming

YouTube Link: Boss Simulator

Sarah Baumann, Game Design

YouTube Link: Elevated

Dylan Chapman, Game Design

YouTube Link: Project Hectate

Nathan Silva, Game Design

YouTube Link: Fight the Feeling

Austin Meadowcroft, Game Design

YouTube Link: SnapShot

Jonathan Campbell, Game Art & Animation

YouTube Link: Animated Shader Interaction

Desiree Macias, Game Art & Animation

YouTube Link: Dynamic UI Asset Swap

David Schafers, Game Art & Animation/Advancing Computer Science

YouTube Link: HARP, 3D (3D Human Anatomy Program)

Frederick Hunt, Game Programming

YouTube Link: Hidden in Reality

Angela Robinson, Game Programming

YouTube Link: Unity Force: Progressive Combo Fighting

Logan Boenig, Digital Video  

YouTube Link: The Modular Golly

Thomas David Austad, Network Security/Network Engineering/Technology Forensics

YouTube Link: H@x0rd Bot, the Educational Toolset

Jackson Nestler, Network Security/Technology Forensics

YouTube Link: SpookySOC

Nicholas Bazzoli, Network Security

YouTube Link: Voomerang

Bryce Clifford, Network Security

YouTube Link: Hacklemesh Security

Nicolas Reecer, Network Security

YouTube Link: Browser Guardian

Christopher Froebe & Jacob Silva, Network Security

YouTube Link: Windows Issues No More

Tyler Walling, Network Security


Marvin Hugley Jr., Network Security

YouTube Link: The Bio Wheel

Shawn Bellmore, Network Security

YouTube Link: NetGen

Emmett Rohrbough, Network Security

YouTube Link: NetGen

Taylor Leavitt, Network Security

YouTube Link: Bike Buddies

Congratulations to all students who presented! All of us at UAT are proud of each of you who demonstrated mastery of your degree through creative and properly executed innovations. And although graduating is already an exciting outcome, the SIP winners are as follows:

Most Market Ready

Escape Room AR by Kaulana Lee

Most Inventive

Smarter Smiths by Christopher Picozzi

Best In Show

Bunkie by Addison Buettner

Viewer’s Choice

The Redefined SmartHouse Project by Ke’Ondrae Mell

To all participating SIP students, we are confident that you are well prepared to become leaders and innovators in your fields.

To those considering pursuit of a technology degree, click here to find out more about UAT.