Students ‘Make a Difference’ at Higley, Williams Field high schools
Sections    Monday June 21st, 2021
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Students ‘Make a Difference’ at Higley, Williams Field high schools

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  • Michelle Reese/Higley Unified School District

Students Paint At Williams Field High School During A Make A Difference Day Event In November.

Students at both Higley and Williams Field High Schools took a big step to spruce up their campuses last month during schoolwide service projects.

The projects included sweeping up campus grounds, cleaning windows, removing trash and assisting with landscape work.

Students ‘Make a Difference’ at Higley, Williams Field high schools WFHS-Make-a-Difference-Day2014HP

Students paint at Williams Field High School during a Make a Difference Day event in November.

The event centered around a national campaign, “Make a Difference Day,” that the district has participated in for the last few years. Several students participated as part of the LDS Youth Conference Community Service Project, as well.

“The event involved several different groups of student-athletes,” Higley High Principal Roseyn Hood said. “They worked with their coaches and finished the landscaping update started by grounds earlier this week. Go Knights!”

In all, about 150 participants were at Higley High.

Dozens also helped at Williams Field High School.

“On behalf of the Williams Field High School community: thank you to the youth who assisted in the community service event on November 22. Their collective efforts helped to make our campus all the more welcoming and beautiful. We truly appreciate all their hard work scraping gum, sweeping, dusting cobwebs and painting to beautify our ‘nest,’” Principal Terri Wattawa said.