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Student Entrepreneur Justine Lugo

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  • Lisha Dunlap   |   Chandler-Gilbert Community College

November Was National Entrepreneurship Month! Justine Lugo Is A Student At Chandler-Gilbert Community College As Well As A Small Business Owner.

November was National Entrepreneurship Month! Justine Lugo is a student at Chandler-Gilbert Community College (CGCC) as well as a small business owner. Read on to find out more about her experience as a young entrepreneur.

1. Why do you want to start your own business?

A: I’ve been fascinated about business and fashion, both, since I was a young child. I intend to continue expanding and running my small apparel business, Strangers, which I started in 2020. I am and will be completing a number of small business-related classes, and by doing so, I will gain knowledge of what it takes to run a successful business and use that knowledge to help me in my own endeavors.

2. How have you and your business benefited from taking entrepreneurship and small business courses at Chandler-Gilbert?

A: I’ve learned vital skills here at Chandler-Gilbert from programs that are entrepreneurship-focused and will guide me as I move on with my business pursuits. These skills include the ability to solve problems, sell effectively, understand your target market, and accept failure as a necessary step in the growth process. I’ve also received Grants for my small business from being enrolled here in the CCL programs.

3. What experiences would you share with potential students about taking these types of courses at Chandler-Gilbert?

A: I started my own small business in 2020 before enrolling in any CGCC business-related courses. Knowing how important the courses would be to my career as an entrepreneur, I made the decision to pursue my AAS in General Business. My eyes have been opened to the world of entrepreneurship potential as I’m continuously learning important concepts and skills. My instructors at Chandler-Gilbert are always encouraging me to take advantage of all the opportunities offered by the campus.

4. What resources have you learned about from your time at Chandler-Gilbert that can help grow your business?

A: Chandler-Gilbert constantly provides students, including myself, with opportunities and resources to help grow their businesses. The school offers a variety of clubs and workshops for business students to learn more about entrepreneurship, both on-campus and online. I actively participate in the DECA club on campus, which trains future business owners and leaders in management, marketing, finance, and hospitality.

5. What are the strengths and challenges your new business will face? How have the business courses helped you recognize these and turn them into opportunities?

A: Entering such a large industry will provide various challenges for my small clothing company. I was able to transform these challenges into opportunities thanks to my business courses. I’ve learned the key to running a successful business is knowing your target market and how to reach them. I’ve gained a lot of valuable marketing knowledge, including how to identify a consumer base, market to them, and sell your products. I’m confident that everything I’ve learned will help me become a successful in growing my business.

Justine’s professors are impressed by her work and looking forward to see what she accomplishes with her business! Are you interested in becoming an entrepreneur? Learn more about CGCC’s Small Business Start-Up Program at…. Find good ideas for supporting or starting a business at….