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Statement from Superintendent John Huppenthal on phone message

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  • Jennifer Liewer/Arizona Department of Education

“There are many false statements being made in the media about why I recorded a phone message for the Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) Program and how the Alliance for School Choice gained access to phone numbers.

First and foremost, I agreed to lend my voice to this effort solely because of my support for school choice options for Arizona parents. I felt this would be an effective way to inform people about the scholarship program, which is administered by the Arizona Department of Education. To infer otherwise is completely disingenuous and misleading to the public.

Second, the Arizona Department of Education did not provide any contact information to the Alliance for School Choice for this effort. Student privacy is of the highest priority for my administration and we work every day to ensure all student information is protected.”

John Huppenthal
Superintendent of Public Instruction