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Spanish immersion students attend class at sister school in Mexico

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  • Julia Scotto/Cave Creek Unified School District

Students Work In A Group In A Spanish Immersion Class At Desert Willow Elementary School In The Cave Creek Unified School District.

Desert Willow Elementary School‘s sixth grade Spanish Immersion students were in Mexico over the summer attending Spanish class at their sister school, Colegio el Camino.

The Cave Creek Unified School District students listened to student keynote presentations on recycling and nutrition, took part in a hands-on science lesson, recess, lunch and signed the official sister school agreement with Principal Sparrow.

Spanish immersion students attend class at sister school in Mexico DesertWillowSpanishImmersionClassHP

Students work in a group in a Spanish Immersion class at Desert Willow Elementary School in the Cave Creek Unified School District.

The students visited classes and read the English book that they donated to Colegio el Camino’s library. After a beach potluck, the students went home with a sister school friend for an overnight stay. The students also helped out at Los Cabos Humane Society.

Desert Willow’s Spanish Immersion program rolls up to Sonoran Trails and then on to Cactus Shadows High School.

The very first Spanish Immersion class from DWES graduates this year 2014-2015.

For more information on this amazing program (first in the state of Arizona – modeled by many) – please contact DWES principal – Mark Culbertson at 480-575-2804 or