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Sections    Tuesday March 28th, 2023

Space Exploration: PV CREST Senior Creates Mural for Space Center

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What did you do during the summer break is the question we’re asking Nancy Schwartz, a senior in the Center for Research in Engineering, Science, and Technology (CREST) Bioscience program at Paradise Valley High School. As part of the CREST internship, Nancy teamed up with the Challenger Space Center of Arizona. She was given a fantastic opportunity to design and paint a mural that all visitors will see. 

Nancy’s inspiration for the space-related mural came from tying in the imagery of the iconic astronaut with a background of space and exploration. Working more than 65 hours in the sweltering Arizona heat, it took Nancy three weeks to complete the mural

“It’s very exciting. I’ve been an artist for years, but on a very small scale, usually doing more digital art that’s just shared between my circle of friends. Having an opportunity to show my skills and have others see that on such a massive scale is quite amazing,” says Nancy. 

In addition to the work on the mural, Nancy also spent one week assisting with the children’s space camp. Nancy explains, “This internship has certainly helped me with furthering my communication skills, which I’ve already had experience with as a section leader in marching band. It’s also expanded my knowledge of how to best work with others, as after the week I spent doing camp, I definitely feel more confident if I was required to look after children.”

The next step of Nancy’s journey of excellence includes applying to Arizona State University – Barrett Honors College and majoring in Psychology, with a minor in Music. As a passionate artist, she is reminding others to support the arts, particularly Pride of Paradise Marching Band and the Paradise Valley Theatre Company, of which she is a member!

The Challenger Space Center is relaunching this fall in the heart of PVSchools. Find out more and check out Nancy’s mural by visiting