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Sections    Saturday August 24th, 2019
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South Mountain finalists chosen for national law competition

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The South Mountain Law Magnet participates in the Marshall-Brennan National Moot Court Competition each year.

Named after two former Supreme Court Justices, Marshall-Brennan is a program that promotes Constitutional Literacy in High Schools by bringing law students into high school classrooms around the nation since 1999.

The South Mountain High School competition was held November 16 at ASU’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law to select the four students who will represent South Mountain and ASU at the National Competition in Washington D.C. in April.

The students have been working with ASU law students since Late August.   Almost 40 students competed, 12 semifinalists were selected and then narrowed down to 6 finalists.

After a final round, the four national competitors– Eugenia Anane Wae, Alexis Carter, Markaya Hill and Logan Spahr were chosen.  They will fly, all expenses paid thanks to the generous donations of a number of sponsors, including two law firms (Jennings, Strauss and Salmon and Jones, Skelton and Hochuli) to Washington, D.C. in April.

South Mountain’s Law Magnet has participated in the Marshall-Brennan National Moot Court Competition since 2009 when South Mountain High School’s Ambra Jordan won the National Championship.    

Moot Court competitions are a staple of the Law School experience.  In a Moot Court, a reality-based problem is created and students use real cases as precedent to argue why the law should be decided a particular way in front of a panel of judges acting as Supreme Court Justices.

The case this year is about a 12-year old who tweeted a bomb threat and then was questioned in the principal’s office by a police officer without being read their Miranda rights.