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Sossaman Middle School teacher uses fun to teach lab safety

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  • Michelle Reese/ Higley Unified School District

Students In Nancy Foote's Class At Sossaman Middle School - Jax Juarros, Brianna Gilliam, Harrison Bennon And Jordan Welker - Solved The Lab Safety Puzzle First In Their Period During A Class This Month. Foote Designed The Experience As A New Way To Teach Lab Safety To Her Eighth-grade Students. Photo Courtesy Higley Unified School District

How best to teach an “old” lesson to “new” students?

Design a puzzle room lesson!

To teach lab safety, Sossaman Middle School Teacher Nancy Foote designed the fun, interactive lesson for her eighth-grade science students at the Higley Unified School District school  in Queen Creek.

“It’s interesting to see the kids’ reactions. The kids who tend to be introverted and don’t want to volunteer are getting very into it. The other kids are getting very into it,” she said.

Students worked together in groups of three to figure out how to decide which of the rules were fake and real or how to put the answers in the right way to  figure out the numerical code.

They also had to go on a scavenger hunt in the room to find all the safety equipment.

“Kids are already asking when can we do another one? One kid actually came up to me and said, ‘ I can help you build the puzzle,’” she said. “These are new kids. I’m getting to know them.

In the photo above: Students in Nancy Foote’s class at Sossaman Middle School – Jax Juarros, Brianna Gilliam, Harrison Bennon and Jordan Welker – solved the lab safety puzzle first in their period during a class this month. Foote designed the experience as a new way to teach lab safety to her eighth-grade students.