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Sossaman Middle School students teach robotics to preschoolers

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  • Michelle Reese/Higley Unified School District

Sossaman Robotics

Students from Sossaman Middle School in Higley Unified School District spent a day at Arizona State University’s Preschool recently to introduce robotics to the young students.

As the robotics program at Higley Unified School District’s two middle schools continues to grow, the students are expanding their knowledge through interactive events and competitions.

Sossaman Middle School students teach robotics to preschoolers SossamanRoboticsHP

Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College preschoolers watch the Legos Mindstorms EV3 robot, named Bob, move around. Ten eighth-grade students from Sossaman Middle School came to show off a couple of their robots and introduce the children to STEM concepts.
Photo by Charlie Leight/ASU News

Ten Sossaman Middle School students went to ASU’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College Preschool on May 8. They spent about an hour and a half with the younger children doing literacy and robotics activities.

Before their trip, the Sossaman students taught the same lessons to students in the Sue Sossaman Early Childhood Development Center located on their Queen Creek campus.

Students demonstrated the VEX robotics and read the story, “The Robot & the Bluebird,” to the children, Sossaman robotics teacher John Burke said.

Sossaman and Cooley Middle Schools opened in the Higley Unified School District in 2013. Robotics is a popular elective for students.