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Sections    Monday May 20th, 2019
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Small Bites bring big rewards

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Catalina Magnet Culinary Team

The culinary arts crew from Catalina Magnet High School – Zach Bryerton, Kylshia Garbarino and Brittany Wilmore – took 1st place for their ‘Cold Smores’ at the second annual Small Bites culinary competition held recently at JTED @ Santa Rita.

The home team including Gustavo Sodari, Silas Gallardo and Analicia Banuelos, won 2nd place for their ‘Ensalada de Camarone’ dish.

Small Bites bring big rewards JTEDCatalinaMagnetCulinaryTeam

Catalina Magnet culinary team wins 1st place in Small Bites competition.
Courtesy Pima County JTED

Finishing up with 3rd was another JTED @ Santa Rita team, comprised of Derick Funkhouser, Brandy Robles, Jared Hale and Zachary Green, for their tasteful treat ‘Chicken and Waffles.’

Proceeds from the competition’s ticket sales benefit JTED Culinary Arts students. Rincon Rotary, Southwest Gas, Panera Bread, The Cheese Knife and The UPS Store sponsored the event.

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