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Sign up for Boeing Aviation Engineering Challenge at Arizona Science Center

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  • Michele Meyer/Arizona Science Center

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In partnership with The Boeing Company, Arizona Science Center is now accepting applications from teachers to participate in an aviation and engineering challenge.

In this after school program, the Aviation Engineering Challenge will engage 60 students in grades 8–11.

The selected teachers and their students will work with Boeing engineers in CREATE at Arizona Science Center beginning October 29 with an all-day kick-off event.


Teams will need to submit an application proposing their project that would strive to solve a real-world industry challenged posted directly by Boeing engineers.
Sign up for Boeing Aviation Engineering Challenge at Arizona Science Center boeing-009-300x199
Challenge Options

Engineer a Jetliner: Experience the engineering design process as an aerospace engineer. This challenge is to determine which wing & engine configuration is best for airworthy, low-cost, fuel-efficient design.

Design and Aero-Car: Design and air vehicle that can travel as an automobile and fly like an airplane; make configuration trades for size, utility, and performance.

Design a Quad-Copter Drone: Design an autonomous drone vehicle capable of carrying a payload for particular purpose such as surveillance, supplies, etc.

Build a Rocket to Deploy a Satellite: Design a rocket that can accomplish a mission to deploy a satellite payload; determine stage, booster, and fin designs and fuel load to meet objectives.

Build a Mini- Wind Tunnel to Test and Airfoil: Design and build a small wind-tunnel to learn about basic aerodynamics, angle of attack, lift and drag.

Design a Better Airport: In the perspective of being an airport planner and aerospace engineer in the design of a new, innovative airport that maximizes space for runways, terminals, and travelers.

Design a small UAV: Design a small UAV that meets specific requirements