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Sheely Farms Elementary brings enjoyable STEM education in Comic-Con style event

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  • Dr. Lupita Hightower/Tolleson Elementary School District

Sheely Con

In the Tolleson Elementary School District, Superintendent Dr. Hightower believes in Home and Family as one of four Kids at Hope destination points.

On January 31st, 2017 Sheely Farms Elementary School connected with families by hosting a Comic-Con style STEM event led by Ms. Rebecca Coda; STEM Coach. The buzz and excitement around this event made it effortless to engage teachers, kids and families in STEM learning activities, because the idea was so much fun.

There was magic in the air because Miss Frizzle was visiting with her magic school bus. Families joining together as a community of learners only made it more magical.

 Families enjoyed expo style booths that incorporated push and pull activities, weather, a marble maze, the scientific method, roller coasters, Titanic, earthquakes, Dalek photo booth with the Dalek, nitrogen ice cream, literacy laboratory with looping read aloud, Vex Robotics, Spheros, 3D printing, and pattern blocks with parents.

Most importantly everyone was engaged and having fun! Sheely Farms Elementary School principal, Melissa Marze, is committed to engaging the community as a learning leader in order to make a positive impact on every child. All children are capable of success…..No Exception!