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School tax credit web portal launched

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  • Christian Palmer/Phoenix Mayor's Office


PHOENIX – Mayor Greg Stanton today introduced a first-of-its-kind City of Phoenix website feature to help increase school tax credit contributions to the city’s most underprivileged schools.

State law allows taxpayers to contribute $200 each year to public schools to go toward valuable extracurricular activities such as field trips, sporting events, laboratory projects and artistic endeavors.

However, the schools and districts that need help the most are often receive the least amount of contributions.  The disparity is magnified because many school districts that serve economically disadvantaged students do not have the capability to accept online contributions.

“The dollar-for-dollar school tax credit provides a wealth of opportunities for our children,” said Stanton. “But we are seeing districts receive as little as $2 per student, while others collect more than $100 per student. This imbalance puts tens of thousands of our young students at a severe disadvantage.”

Through the portal,, residents can view the needs for each Phoenix school district and get direction on how to make contributions that qualify for a full dollar-for-dollar state tax deduction.

Stanton and other community leaders unveiled the portal today at Sun Canyon Elementary School in the Fowler Elementary School District.  In 2012, the district received just $6.26 per student in school tuition tax credit contributions.

“This portal is a valuable asset to help direct new contributors – people whose children are no longer in school, seniors and even childless adults – to the school districts who need the most help,” said Fowler Elementary School District Superintendent Marvene Lobato. “Our children have the same needs, but we have little to no means to provide them with positive and formative extracurricular experiences.”