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School Finance FAQ and Distance Learning Template

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  • Supt. of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman   |   Arizona Department of Education

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Dear School Leaders,

This e-mail is to let you know that today the Arizona Department of Education released three more resources to support understanding of Governor Ducey’s two recent Executive Orders.

These resources are specific to implementation of distance learning plans and include:

  • An updated Executive Order FAQ that provides additional answers to the FAQ shared earlier this week.
  • Guidance specific to school finance processes to implement Executive Orders 2020-41 and 2020-44. 
  • Distance Learning Plan Template.  
FAQ: Executive Orders 2020-41 and 2020-44

School Finance and Executive Order Guidance  

Distance Learning Plan Template  

Information Regarding the Distance Learning Template  

As part of the Executive Order, all public schools may submit a Distance Learning Plan (DLP) to receive the flexibility to offer distance learning options for students without an approved Arizona Online Instruction (AOI) program for the 2020-2021 school year.  

School districts are required to submit a DLP to the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) prior to implementing distance learning. School districts may begin operating their DLP prior to August 17th upon submission of the plan to ADE. 

School districts that wish to provide distance learning under Executive Order 2020-41 must create a DLP using this template. School districts not utilizing the appropriate template will be required to revise and resubmit their plans. Plans not submitted in the template must wait to begin DL instruction until the plan is submitted in the approved template. The template is a Word document that must be completed in its entirety and submitted via email to:   

School Districts may make revisions to improve their DLP at any time but, must submit those changes to the ADE within 10 business days of any substantive revision. School districts should contact the ADE at to revise their DLP.    

Thank you for your collaboration and support as we prepare for the next academic year.

School Finance FAQ and Distance Learning Template Update-Kathy-Hoffman

Kathy Hoffman, MS, CCC-SLP Superintendent of Public Instruction