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Sections    Saturday July 20th, 2019
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San Cayetano Elementary celebrates induction of honor society members

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  • Dr. Carol Cullen/ Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District No. 35

San Cayetano Elementary Inducted New Honor Society Members. Photo Courtesy Of Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District

San Cayetano Elementary inducted 21 new members into the National Elementary Honor Society and welcomed back three from last year.

“Membership in the San Cayetano Elementary chapter of the National Honor Society has been earned by candidates through the effective demonstration of the four qualities that serve as standards for the Society,” said Miranda Valencia, San Cayetano NEHS Advisor.  “The qualities include scholarship, character, leadership and service.”

The evening began with the presentation of Colors by the Rio Rico High School JROTC, followed by a welcome and opening remarks by Mimi Renteria, San Cayetano Principal.  Guest speaker was Connie Williams with Friends of the Santa Cruz River Association and Anza Trail Coalition.  Williams was invited because of her work in promoting among young audiences the importance of taking care of our natural resources.

“We are happier when we focus on something other than ourselves,” said Williams.  “Community service helps us meet new people, and most importantly, we make our communities a better place to live.”

Students (Teachers, Grade, Returning/New NEHS Member)

Penelope J. Johnson, President (Connuck, 5th, Returning)

Victoria Velasco, Vice President (Olivas, 5th, Returning)

Luna Yoder, Treasurer (Olivas, 5th, Returning)

Anaili Zepeda, Secretary (Galasso, 5th, New)

Kailey Aguirre (Kridler, 4th, , New)

Sophia Badillo (Kridler, 4th, New)

Jessence Callejo (Kridler, 4th, New)

Raquel Carrillo (Crowlie, 4th, New)

Donaxi Cervantes (Crowlie, 4th, New)

Diego Gomez (Simmons, 4th, New)

Grecia Corella (De La Cruz, 4th, New)

Naomi Gonzalez (De La Cruz, 4th, New)

Pablo Guevara (Kridler, 4th, New)

Victoria Lamadrid (Simmons, 4th, New)

Miranda Leyva (Simmons, 4th, New)

Diego Martinez (Herrera, 5th, New)

Mark Navarro (Kridler, 4th, New)

Aldo Palafox (Simmons, 4th, New)

Alma Romero (Kridler, 4th, New)

Julianna Santa Cruz (Kridler, 4th, New)

Ricardo Semidey (Herrera, 5th, New)

Suzette Trujillo-Lira (Simmons, 4th, New)

Karol Valdez (Galasso, 5th, New)

Robert Navarro (Kridler, 4th, New)

Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District No. 35 is a growing, dynamic school district covering approximately 267 square miles. The district operates five schools. Approximately 3,440 students are enrolled during the 2017-2018 school year.