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RRHS Graduate affirms commitment to West Point & Military Service

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  • Shannon Enciso   |   Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District


Baely Ahumada, Rio Rico native and 2017 graduate of Rio Rico High School was recently affirmed at the United States Military Academy, West Point.

Upon entering junior year, students must affirm their commitment to their studies at West Point as well as commission into the Army. Cadet Baely, now a junior, majoring in Portuguese, was affirmed on August 16 and will commission into the army upon graduation as a Second Lieutenant in the Army. She will serve at least 5 years of active duty and 3 years of work in the reserves.

Baley, whose family has a history in the military, began exploring options her sophomore year.  First Sergeant Brown, of the RRHS JROTC program, helped her apply for a weeklong naval camp for high school students.  That experience helped push her towards her decision to apply for West Point her senior year.  

Baely recently contacted Superintendent David Verdugo to inform him of her affirmation.  She mentioned recent RRHS graduate, Jose Chacon, and commented briefly on the beginning of his journey at West Point. 

She wrote, “Chacon just finished beast barracks, which is the summer basic training for all incoming cadets. He is a plebe, and I got to talk to him for a bit today. Getting into an academy, especially West Point, is very difficult to do, and the application is very long. However, graduating from such a prestigious university is an honor like no other, and every graduate has limitless opportunities in the army and after the army.  Hopefully soon we will be able to inspire other students from Rio Rico to not only want to serve, but also do their best in high school so that they are eligible to apply and get accepted into an academy.  We are the first for RRHS, but hopefully not the last.”

Superintendent interviewed the former RRHS graduate as part of a new series, #SCV35AboveTheBar.  “Above the Bar for us, is people go who above and beyond,” explains Superintendent Verdugo.   “Baely has “taken that challenge (by) going to one of not only the most prestigious universities in the country, but in the world.”