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Sections    Wednesday December 7th, 2022
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Rio Rico Rotary, Santa Cruz Valley Unified students & Garrett’s help families

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  • Shannon Enciso   |   Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District

Every Year, During The Month Of November, SCVUSD No 35 Schools Participate In The Rio Rico Rotary Coin Wars. Students Are Tasked With Bringing In Loose Change To Benefit Families In Rio Rico Who Are Less Fortunate During The Holiday Season. Photo Courtesy Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District # 35

Every year, during the month of November, SCVUSD No 35 schools participate in the Rio Rico Rotary Coin Wars

Students are tasked with bringing in loose change to benefit families in Rio Rico who are less fortunate during the holiday season. 

Schools offer a small incentive to the class or grade level that brings in the most money.

Prizes offered for the most money collected this year were;

  • Smoothie’s at San Cayetano
  • A rock climbing party at Mountain View
  • Pizza parties at Rio Rico High School and Calabasas
  • Dress down passes at Coatimundi Middle School

The total money collected by SCVUSD No. 35 schools was $3,400, which was used to purchase 68 gift certificates from Garrett’s in the amount of $50 each. 

In addition, Garrett’s IGA Supermarket donated 68 gift certificates for a free Butterball turkey.  Mr. John Fanning, RRHS Associate Principal and member of the Rio Rico Rotary coordinated the efforts.

Rio Rico Rotary, Santa Cruz Valley Unified students & Garrett's help families IMG_1620-2-1024x734
Ray Garrett, John Fanning, and Michael Garrett – John Fanning delivering the $3400 collected by SCV35 schools in exchange for Thanksgiving gift certificates. Photo courtesy of Santa Cruz Valley Unified School District.

Although students were competing for different rewards, the real prize was being able to help families. 

Liliana Montenegro’s class won smoothies for collecting the most money at San Cayetano, but her first graders did not do it for the smoothies.  When asked why the coin wars were important, Noah Puig said, “It’s important to help people who need money for food.”  Zoe Hidalgo agreed and added, “It’s important to help because we are a kind school.”

The certificates will be divided among the schools who will deliver them to local families in Rio Rico to use for Thanksgiving meals.