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Sections    Thursday March 23rd, 2023

Rosendin Inspires Arizona Students to Join the Construction Industry at AZCCD

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Rosendin Talks With AZ Students

3,000 students from 106 AZ schools attend the 20th Annual Construction Career Days Event

As the workforce shortage continues, there is a push to introduce more young people to career avenues that do not require a college degree. Rosendin, one of the nation’s largest employee-owned electrical contracting companies, sponsored and participated in the 20th annual Arizona Construction Career Days (AZCCD), run by the Association for Construction and Career Development, that was held on November 4 and 5, to expose more young people to the various career opportunities that the construction and contracting industry has to offer.

Utilizing their innovative technologies, Rosendin was able to show the way they are shaping the future of construction and contributing to the development of the state of Arizona. Rosendin’s 55 volunteers gave students insight into STEM careers using computer modeling and augmented reality, as well as offering hands-on activities including basic electrical wiring, fabricating tubes, and bending electrical conduit.

“We thank Rosendin and the 60 other exhibiting companies for supporting our event annually and showing high schoolers in Arizona the multitude of opportunities that are available to them, whether they choose to go to college or enter the workforce after graduation,” said Rose Ann Canizales, AZCCD President. “I’m happy to see the success of this event in its 20th year and the way we have been able to change the perception of the construction industry by showcasing the innovation at Arizona companies.”

This year, AZCCD welcomed over 3,000 students from 106 schools located in 10 Arizona counties from as far as Flagstaff, the Navajo Nation, and Yuma. Rosendin was just one of over 60 construction companies participating under the shared goal of introducing Arizona youth to the construction industry.

A Primavera High School student planning to go into construction said his biggest takeaway from the event was that the industry is a lot bigger with a lot more to it than what most people see and that this event is showing how far the career can take people.

“This event is the perfect place for us to reach the next generation by introducing and educating students about careers in the construction field. Our hope is to inspire young women and men of all backgrounds about the opportunities available to them outside of college,” said Ben Mlinar, Rosendin Division Manager. “Our industry as a whole is growing, and we need more people. The great thing about coming into this field is that you’re getting paid while you’re learning and taking on little-to-no debt.”

Rosendin has worked on a multitude of landmark projects in Arizona include the Tempe Streetcar, Phoenix’s Veterans Affairs Clinic, Downtown Phoenix Court Tower, Scottsdale Stadium renovations, and a semiconductor manufacturing facility in Chandler. Rosendin’s Tempe regional office is growing rapidly and recently announced the need to hire 500 workers before the end of the year to help build Facebook’s new Mesa Data Center in the East Valley.