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Roosevelt School District proud to house Center of Sustainability

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  • Joseph Ortiz/Roosevelt School District


Do you know what the Center for Sustainability is? It is an innovative idea that has transformed a former comprehensive K-8 school in the Roosevelt School District into a hands-on resource laboratory designed to support STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics).

This Center serves as an incredible field trip attraction for students in the region and is a feather in the cap of the Roosevelt School District.

Roosevelt School District proud to house Center of Sustainability RooseveltBeeRacers

The Roosevelt Center of Sustainability at George B. Brooks Sr. Community School provides an empowering learning environment that is inspired by 21st Century skills and hands-on/inquiry-based learning experiences.

The Center’s exhibits, videos and adjacent 13,000 square foot greenhouse have been designed to integrate and enhance the current Arizona Science Standards.

“Science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematic skills are the foundation of the American Spirit of Innovation,” said Jeremy Truett, Director of Arizona Control Specialists, Inc. (AZCS) Education Services.

He added that AZCS sees the Roosevelt Center of Sustainability as a chance to inspire and empower students to embrace these ideas.

Roosevelt School District proud to house Center of Sustainability RooseveltGreenhouse

“Giving students the power to explore and learn within real-world S.T.E.A.M. environments is an exciting notion,” said Truett. “Roosevelt Center of Sustainability is one of the most innovative educational efforts our firm has seen in years and we are truly honored to be an industry partner.”

The Roosevelt Center of Sustainability houses several different exhibits designed to promote the knowledge of multiple environmental and agricultural issues.

Each of these exhibits provides a unique hands-on and cutting edge approach to learning STEAM concepts.

“The Center is an expansion of the District’s commitment to STEAM education through engagement of teachers, students, and parents in an active yet casual learning environment,” said Bob Nickerson, Executive Director for Student Support Services at Roosevelt.

Roosevelt School District proud to house Center of Sustainability RooseveltPhotosynthesis

“The Center is a new pathway connecting Roosevelt School District to public and private sector resources, including higher education, to support community education and wellness for the residents of South Phoenix,” Nickerson said.

Nickerson added that the Center would provide superior resources for students and families to engage in STEAM and wellness activities throughout the year.

For more information on the Roosevelt Center of Sustainability, visit our webpage at or call 602-243-4843 or 602-232-4201.

Roosevelt School District proud to house Center of Sustainability RooseveltCommunityat-Greenhouse