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Roosevelt renames school after beloved principal who passed away last year

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  • Joseph Ortiz/ Roosevelt Elementary School District

Irene Lopez

On Friday, May 1, 2015, the Roosevelt School District renamed one of its long-time schools after a beloved principal and teacher who worked at the school for 28 years.

Rose Linda School, built in 1962, was officially renamed Irene Lopez School.

Roosevelt renames school after beloved principal who passed away last year IreneLopezInside

Irene Lopez

Irene Lopez retired last summer only to pass away less than a month later. Her passing affected the students, teachers and community that Irene Lopez served.

“As a music teacher, Irene Lopez shared her love of music with her students. She loved musicals especially. For her retirement celebration last May, the students performed many numbers from her favorite musicals, including ‘Sound of Music.’” said Joseph Ortiz, Director of Public and Community Relations.

Her untimely passing in July lead the Governing Board of the Roosevelt School District to unanimously vote to change the name of the school in Irene’s honor.

Ms. Lopez’s sisters travelled to Arizona to be present and pay tribute to her.

The current principal, Ms. Megan Gestson, Superintendent Dr. Jacqueline Jackson and Board President, Ms. Norma Muñoz all shared stories and words of remembrance about Ms. Lopez. A choir of school children performed to honor their former Principal.

“It is fitting that the school that Ms. Lopez loved and was so near and dear to her heart is now the school that bears her name,” said Ortiz. “What a wonderful way for Ms. Lopez’s legacy to live on in the community and in the Roosevelt School District.”