Red Mountain welding team wins Best in the West contest
Sections    Wednesday May 22nd, 2019
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Red Mountain welding team wins Best in the West contest

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  • Heidi Hurst/Mesa Public Schools

Red Mountain Welders

For the second year in a row, Red Mountain High School won the combined team build project in the Mesa Public Schools/CTE Best in the West Invitational Welding Contest, which was held March 6.

Students from Mesa’s six high schools, and five schools outside of the district, participated in the competition. Vern Lewis Welding Supply sponsored the contest and provided materials, welding machines and prizes.

Red Mountain welding team wins Best in the West contest RedMountainWeldersHP

Red Mountain’s welding team celebrates
its win with a group photo.

Click to watch the welders in action and see their projects come to life.

Red Mountain’s team project was an industrial pallet used to transport gas cylinders.

The team members include Zach Griggs (captain), Chase Diersen (co-captain), Cole Carver, Cole Liesner, Hunter Atwater, Hunter Cavanagh, Bryce LeSueur, Brittany Chavez and Osman Quinones Arredondo. Carver also won second place in the advanced students tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding category.

Coach Daniel Hurst is incredibly proud of the Red Mountain team.

“This competition allows the students to think outside the box and showcase their abilities with students from around the state,” Hurst says. “Winning is just the icing on the cake. The ability to meet other students engaged in the same skill set gives the team pride and confidence.”

Skyline High School’s Manuel Noyes won first place in the advanced students TIG welding category. His teammate Dakota Davis took second place in the beginning students position weld category.

“Our individual welders performed outstandingly,” says Skyline coach Michael Drobitsky.

Westwood’s Zach Giroux took third place in the beginning students weld category.

Video: Best in the West 2015