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Real-World Stem Opportunities at Avondale Schools

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  • Kenya Vasquez   |   Avondale Elementary School District

Avondale Elementary School District Is Elevating Opportunities For Children In STEM To Have Career-focused Explorations With The Chief Science Officers Program.

Avondale Elementary School District is elevating opportunities for children in STEM to have career-focused explorations with the Chief Science Officers program. 

In collaboration with the SciTech Institute, students from grades sixth through eighth have the opportunity to run for the position and be elected by their peers. Once elected, the CSO’s take the lead in bringing STEM and STEAM opportunities to their school and community.  

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In addition, CSO students engage with STEM exhibitors, workshops and panel discussions throughout the course of the year. Each year, every CSO develops a project to enhance STEAM opportunities in the community. Students in these positions work collaboratively with other districts and state officers.

“The CSO program has allowed our students to tap into the world of science from an early age and expose them to real-world expertise and knowledge. We are proud to see the future of our students right in front of us as they work together in a field that they are envisioning themselves being a part of as adults,” says Dr. Betsy Hargrove, superintendent at AESD.

The program is entering its eighth year and continues to grow and make an impact. Providing continuous opportunities for children to succeed and explore career paths is at the core of the district’s mission.